Stray Bullet -- Factory EP

Stray Bullet
Factory EP
Not For the Weak Records, 2022

Hailing from Sheffield, Stray Bullet plays a brand of hardcore other reviewers have praised for channeling the ferocity of early 80s British street punk and the focused aggression of Swedish hardcore. Indeed, fans of UK82, d-beat, and Swedish kängpunk will not be disappointed by the Factory EP, which delivers a quick but powerful dose of boot-stomping fury. Daniel Husayn's mastering emphasizes Bryan Suddaby's performance on the drum kit, rightfully placing his blasting beats at the center of the band's sound. Propelled by Suddaby's unrelenting pounding, the band's three guitarists construct a deceptively complex wall of sound where catchy riffs add nuance to the buzz and set the stage for Crawford McKay's searing vocals. Good stuff.

Sobriquet Grade: 78 (C+)


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