Sobriquet Music Ratings

Each album, EP, and single will receive a numerical score between 0 and 100 indicating the overall quality of the record. Each numerical score corresponds to a grade range denoted by a letter:

97-100: A+
Only the absolute best records ever made will receive a score of A+. If an A indicates the record in question is a masterpiece, an A+ denotes the masterpieces that make other masterpieces seem inferior.

93-96: A
A masterpiece. The sort of record that legendary bands make at their prime if they're lucky.

90-92: A-

A minor masterpiece. While not necessarily flawless, an A- record is still something you're going to want to have in your collection. If records in the lower B range are the sort of records aficionados will seek out to fill gaps in their comprehensive collections, A- records are so good that even poseurs should have 'em.

87-89: B+

Not quite a masterpiece, but undeniably great. B+ is at the lower end of "essential," but still should be in your collection, if you have the money.

83-86: B

B records, unlike B-movies, still kick ass. This is where you'll find average records by legendary bands and the best output of merely good bands.

80-82: B-

Records falling in the B- range are quite good. In fact, if a theoretical radio station were to play music from a particular era a decade or two after its conclusion, the programmers would still be digging around the B- pile for some added variety.

77-79: C+

These records are still pretty good, but they lack that extra oomph of B range records. Punk fans will probably like a C+ record, but it just doesn't have the replayability of better music.

73-76: C

The Cs house the average band's best records and the last-gasp albums legendary bands cough up at their nadir.

70-72: C-

A C- record is the sort of thing you'd probably listen to once or twice, not necessarily dislike, but you wouldn't buy it. It's fair.

67-69: D+

Average bands produce D+ records when they're off their peak. Lousy bands may strike it lucky once in a while and hit a D+ before the garage door closes on their career.

63-66: D

Lousy. Perhaps listen-able, but not really enjoyable. Have you ever been in the car with someone who has horrible taste in music but insists that something they like is right up your alley? Chances are it's a D record.

60-62: D-

An honest effort. The people who made it might even be cool, but they missed the mark with this one.

0-59: F

Welcome to Crapland, Population This Record. Either it's not punk or, if it is punk, it's MTV-driven pop-drivel. This may sell a million records, it may be played in Hot Topic, but good God, it sucks.


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