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Penalty Kill -- Penalty Kill EP

Randoms - ABCD/Let's Get Rid of New York

The Frantics -- Playing Dumb

Hudson -- Out of Gas

Broken Toys -- Prozac Baby / Pocketbook

Flirt -- Don't Push Me! / Degenerator

The Queers -- Love Songs for the Retarded

Third Leg -- I Don't Know What to Call This E.P.

Uphill Down -- Uphill Down

Pitch Black -- Half Empty

Shock Nagasaki -- Year of the Spy

Egg Hunt -- Egg Hunt

Visionstain -- Fouronseven

The Asteroids -- Life on a Asteroid / Instant Knowledge

The Low Budgets -- Go Bargain Hunting With the Low Budgets

Drunk in Public -- Tapped Out

Boris the Sprinkler -- 8 Testicled Pogo Machine

No Empathy -- Ben Weasel Don't Like It (EP)

My Foolish Halo -- Piaphabakrist

Hüsker Dü -- Metal Circus