Stupido Biondo -- Stupido Biondo

Stupido Biondo
Stupido Biondo
Self-released, 1992

Stupido Biondo's self-titled debut EP, despite the band's Italian monicker (it translates as "Stupid Blonde"), is a quick, predictable burst of Australian drunk punk. You know the formula: a crude recording of music with unabashedly vapid lyrics, drawled vocals, a handful of power chords, and some hardcore-tinged drumming. In other words, Stupido Biondo is a fun record that is indistinguishable from the thousands of equally low budget recordings released during the early 1990s. Still, while "Dopey Fucks" is little more than an excuse to for the band to chant (quite catchily, admittedly) the title ad nauseam and "Tuff" dispenses with coherent speech when the cumbersome English language seems too difficult to slur, the third track makes this disk a worthwhile curio to pull out once in a while. On "Barney's Dead," Stupido Biondo mocks a presumably distraught Fred Flintstone as he mourns the loss of his best friend. It's just silly and irreverent enough to add to a playlist once in a while when you're looking for a cheap chuckle. And, really, isn't that what good drunk punk is all about?


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