LAB -- Burning Leaf/Chihuahua

Burning Leaf/Chihuahua
It's Alive, 1997

LAB only barely fits within the purview of Sobriquet Magazine. Thanks to the "punk-related" clause in our review policies, however, it makes the cut. You see, LAB is basically the final incarnation of the metallic hardcore punkers formerly known as Bl'ast. After Clifford Dinsmore left the band in 1989, guitarist Mike Neider took over the band's vocals and the group morphed into Blackout and, finally, LAB before petering out in the late nineties.

While "Burning Leaf" may be a bit speedier than your typical stoner sludge dirge, this disk is basically the sort stuff fans of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Blue Cheer would dig. I mean, the musicianship is tight and the songs are long. You know, competent hard rock. The only problem is there's not a whole lot of oomph to the record.

Sobriquet Grade: 78 (C+).


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