Kosher -- The CD

The CD
Kosher Records, 1997

Kosher, from what I can glean from the meager liner notes accompanying the CD they sent me a dozen or so years ago, were a group of kids from Missouri playing some below-average melodic hardcore. The thing about Kosher, The CD is that you get the feeling that the band would be a really fun live act while also sensing that they may have recorded an album just a bit prematurely. There really aren't any standout tracks on the disk and, while the musicianship is competent enough, the songs often sound as if the group is struggling to stick together. And that's unfortunate, really, because they seemed like a good bunch of guys when we corresponded way back when. You kind of pull for people, you know? But, ultimately, Kosher's debut (and, as far as I can tell, only full-length release) sounds like the sort of CDs countless opening bands tried to sell while the more interesting headliners drew all the attention. Which is, in this case, most likely what happened.

At any rate, Kosher blends trite lyrics about the punk scene and girls (occasionally bordering on the unintentionally misogynistic) with sloppy melodic hardcore occasionally punctuated by seemingly random bits of uninspired ska to create what is, ultimately, a thoroughly forgettable effort.

Sobriquet Grade: 68 (D+).


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