Record Review Policies

Sobriquet Magazine will gladly consider any punk rock or punk-related music sent to us for review provided that the following conditions are met:

1. The music fits the scope of our publication's focus. We are a punk rock zine. We will happily review any punk and punk-related music sent our way. Since the genre is rather sprawling and ill-defined, this is not quite as narrow a focus as it may seem. Still, we may not review certain music we deem beyond our scope. Either that or we will make fun of it. When in doubt, contact us.

2. We do not review partial albums. While we are not averse to listening to your album or EP in MP3 format, we will only review whole, "final" copies of a record. In other words, unless you send us every track as it will appear on CD, tape, or vinyl, we will not listen to or review your music. The best policy is to contact us via email and arrange to send us a CD, tape, or record.

3. You understand that we may not like your product and may say so. There's always the distinct possibility that we will dislike what you send us. Being friendly does not ensure a puff piece. Likewise, being an asshole does not preclude a favorable assessment.

4. You understand that we may choose not to review something sent our way. Chances are if your music is punk, we'll review it. However, we're not likely to review music we deem racist, sexist, or homophobic in nature. This is not to say that you do not have the right to free speech . . . you most certainly do, but Sobriquet Magazine may not be the right venue for promoting your music. On the other hand, maybe we'll just make fun of you.

5. You understand that once something is sent to us, you're not getting it back. We welcome complimentary copies of music, but we cannot return anything sent to us. Even if you include return postage, the hassle of sending packages out is too much of a nuisance.

6. You understand that these policies are subject to change at any time.

So, please, feel free to contact us with queries.


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